Winnowing a Twitter Outreach List with NationBuilder and Klout

One of the very cool features of NationBuilder is its Twitter databasing. I get a record of everyone who I've mentioned on Twitter or who's mentioned me or one of my nation's linked accounts, in a chronological activity stream along with their profile. With five Twitter accounts linked to my nation, though, it can get a little busy.

I sorted to find out who in my Twitter database was not a follower and came up with nearly 5,000. With a goal of converting some of these into followers and allies in my quest to promote technologies that help people organize democratically and improve civic life and to use social networks for social good, 5,000 was simply too big to target.

So I used another advanced search feature and batch actions to cut the list down to folks with a Klout score of 40 or more. That gave me a manageable list of 123. From here, I can weed out folks who I know followed me at one time and where future interaction is unlikely, then work with my nation's volunteers to convert some of the remaining to supporters.

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