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Adriel Nation has two key focuses: promoting emergencies technologies for improving grassroots democracy and self governance; and using social networks to create awareness of and raise funds for organizations doing social good.

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    Vote by Mail, No ID Required

    Want to avoid voter ID issues at the polls this November? Absentee registration for vote by mail is a great solution in many states where IDs are not required for VBM. States that don't require IDs for VMB include: Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Alaska and Oklahoma. To make registration for vote by mail simple, Debra Cleaver of Long Distance Voter has created a tool for folks to sign up for VBM in 50 states. You can use it on my site by accessing this simple vote-by-mail signup widget. Keep reading if you'd like to put a widget on your own site.
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    Hmm. I Didn't Sign up for ANY of These Lists

    End of quarter means so much undesired political fundraising email. And the subject lines just get sadder and sadder. All yesterday, reverse chrono (resisting, mostly, an overwhelming urge to go all MST3K, but you should feel free): "Deadline EXTENDED" "2 hours left: I need your help" "please adriel" "Friend, we're PLEADING with you" "Holy cow" "We're on the clock. Donate before 11:59 p.m." "Adriel, can you give?" "Time is now - Help" "17 more in California?" "Just 6 Hours Left to Help Us Meet Out Goal!" "bad feeling" "In just a few hours" "EVERYONE has emailed you" "Big Endorsement Yesterday: Sacramento Bee!" "Brush your teeth" "Now's the time" (From "midnight@") "FWD: We're all very proud" "I'll ask directly" "Too close to call" "No time to wait" "Quick check" "Before midnight" "FW: Final deadline tonight" "we're downright PLEADING" "FW: today after work?" "Can you match?" "Last chance, Tammy needs our help" "Fox News PANIC ATTACK" "Literally lying" "Gagnier Countdown 12, 10, 11..." (OK, I did sign up for this one) "11 hours and counting" "Why all the email?" (Please, make it stop) "Last chance to help" "We were Winning!" " " (really?) "President Clinton's urgent warning:" "The tipping point to save the Senate?" "What the Governor said" (Not my state, not at all) "New GOP Smear Campaign Again Me: I'm 'Unethical'" "we're begging now" "We're all very proud" "Scrambling: Need you now" "re: the urgency of now" "Don't let them hijack our elections" "Can you give on Debate-slash-Deadline Day?" (why no "/"?) "Five weeks to go, three ways to help" "On the Road Towards the Deadline" "Can you help before midnight tonight?" "absolutely urgent" "When I see your name" (No, Bill, when I see yours) "Reason to cheer" "I'll keep this short" How was your end of quarter?
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