Why Isn't Skype the Most Popular Thing on the Planet?

adrielI just can't get how few people actually use Skype. And I'm coming at this from a major metro area where everybody has broadband.

Or maybe it's because we're in a major metro area that we don't have a need to communicate by video phone with our far-flung friends and families?

All my childhood, the Holy Grail of technology was the video phone. Now it's here and free, and hugely underused in the U.S.


I'd also like to see Skype or similar tech used to increase public participation in public meetings. By this I mean increasing the breath of people participating, getting soccer moms and Dow dads in on the action from home after the kids are abed. Participation in governance builds trust, and this tech is well-suited.

And is it really true that Skype has no marketing plan?

(Bonus: You can use also TokBox w/out a download to send video mails, made video calls, and vlog. With both of these tools you can also do free videoconferences with people around the world.)

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