We Need Journalism - Can it Change in Time?

I'm all about people getting paid to produce important content. Sometimes it's easier to sell trashy content, though. So as we all know, the survivial of professional journalism is really dicey right now.

fwbookcoverWhat do you think? Does traditional journalism deserve to survive in some form, and if so, what form?

I recently read a great book called The Future of Work, which posited the professional associations something like the Screen Actors Guild were one of the forms of sustainable employment. In this kind of scenario, professional journalists wouldn't have to be out there solo but would work cooperatively to pay for things like marketing and benefits. (Whether the ego of the average big-time journo could fit in such a structure ... but, I guess if the actors can do it.)

Then the other day, I was talking to a good friend and lifetime journalists closing out his career as a corporate speechwriter. He is just beseiged by all the content forms on the Internet and unsure of its authority. A professional journalists seal of approval could solve that.

So, can journalism change? Are there any early signs that it's doing so?

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