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If you follow Gov 2.0 news - as many of this blog's regulars certainly do, it's likely you've already heard about GovLoop joining GovDelivery: the thriving collaboration network for government employees is now a unit of the fast-growing government-to-citizen communications provider. Practically, what it means is that GovLoop founder Steve Ressler is leaving his federal IT job to manage GovLoop full time, with added resources from the team at Scott Burns' GovDelivery.


I've know Steve Ressler and GovLoop since last summer, when I joined Steve's network when it had just over 900 members. It's now closing on 20,000 members and has become a key network connecting government employees from local, state and federal agencies, along with the contractors and thought leaders who work with them. It's no stretch to say that the young GovLoop network is one of the most powerful engines driving government reform today.


Connections through GovLoop helped me launch the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast, where Steve is a co-host. GovLoop and Steve introduced me to Scott Burns and GovDelivery, and Scott was recently a guest on the podcast. GovDelivery is a major behind-the-scenes player in connecting citizens with government information and services, and values Ressler for his pioneering work in connecting government innovators and lineworkers to share best practices in our fast-changing world.

There will be plenty of coverage of todays news, so I'll cut to my personal point. I am tremendously happy for Steve as he sees his vision of connecting and growing the best of public service turn from a labor of love to a full-time job.

Steve has always embraced the community as more important than the technology, and its gratifying to see that attitude pay off in allowing him to pursue community full time. Growing GovLoop will continue to require tremendous commitment from the thousands of active participants who write blogs, share events and brainstorm through its hundreds of groups. I'm excited about growing GovLoop, and I hope you are, too.

Join Gov 2.0 Radio on Wednesday at 6 p.m. PST/9 EST as we discuss GovLoop's future with Steve and Scott.

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