Nonprofits in DC I'm helping through Social Media

There are numerous nonprofits I am working with in the next few months that could use the assistance of social media savvy users for tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ sharing. The has asked for my help as the social media chair for the annual gala fundraiser. I need volunteers to tweet now and up to the night of the event to get donations through Twitter. They are also looking for a mobile app to accept donations so people can tweet a number to make donations. Current options they have reviewed cost more than their budget can allow for a nonprofit. If interested in donating tweets to help me on the social media side from now through Nov 11th, please contact me on @Nakeva.

I will also be working with @PixelProject for a photography fundraiser locally but need photographers from everywhere to join in and participate in their local town. Take a portrait session, charge a discounted fee and at minimum, donate $10 to Pixel Project and/or a local nonprofit of the same type. Let me know on @Nakeva if interested.

Also working with UNHCR and the #BlueKey project. A $5 purchase of a blue key pendant and an option to join the ranks of the #BlueKey Champions would be awesome! They need blog posts, videos, tweets etc. using the hashtag. Purchases are small donations and will go to their programs helping refugees. There is a sign up and I can get anyone started. Again contact me on @Nakeva.

Social media for social good is great when backed by an enthusastic and engaged community. Your help and suggestions are welcome!

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