My Step-Dad-In-Law, the Baller

My Tokyo step-dad-in-law (pictured cooling his heels in the Upper Tamagawa) is cool as hell.

The guy has kept his 20-year relationship with my mother-in-law after her divorce quiet from his parents because they'd want him to marry a younger woman in line with more traditional Japanese mores (okasan is several years older than he). He is semi-retired from a career as a grocery store manager, and owns three big American cars.Ā 

He was visiting his dad one day in my sister-in-law's tiny city car, which was the only one of his vehicles the parents have seen. His dad gave him a big chunk of money and he bought a black Mustang GT 5.0 to go with his Chrysler 300c and Ford Escape. He would have gone red, but my wife convinced him that he'd just end up getting pulled over more often.

We pull up at the full service gas stations and he says, "The one behind me, too."

Straight baller.

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