Last chance for open data formats legislation

We've got 36 hours to prevent the demise of open data legislation in California.

Please call and send (preferably fax) letters to the Senators on the Senate Appropriations Committee. Encourage them to support SB 1002 and move it from the suspense file. When calling offices you can use the basic format of:

Hi, my name is ________ and I am a resident of __________. I urge Senator __________ to vote yes on SB 1002: California Open Data and move it from the suspense file.

Thank you.

Adding  in a quick tidbit regarding the bill is fine.


  • Open data costs are minimal because almost all software used by agencies is already able to achieve these tech standards.
  • Open data allows for better transparency and civic engagement because data and documents can be found online using common search engines.
  • Open data helps spur research and innovation because both researchers and developers can use common software to access the data.
  • Open data helps those reliant on assistive technology (such as text-to-speech software) to access information online. Helping encourage more equal access to government information.
  • Open data helps citizens resource and utilize electronic information with greater ease, lessening the reliance on calling or visiting agencies.

When sending letters please personalize the letter to include your information and insight. There is a sample letter available for reference.

The members that need to hear from us are:

 Senator Kehoe (Chair)

            Phone: 916-651-4039

            Fax: 916-327-2188

 Senator Steinberg (pro Tem)

            Phone: 916-651-4006

            Fax: 916-323-2263

Please call and fax and leave a comment here letting us know you've done so. 

After calling and faxing, email Sen. Kehoe, Chair of Appropriations.

Thank you!

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