Is Government 2.0 Wide Open for Campaigners?

img_3042I am a media thinker. I am a political thinker. That said, I am devoted to open, honest and apolitical governance structures.

I want the U.S. government, starting at the local level and working up, to be responsive to the people in a way that makes processes more simple, small businesses bigger, and individuals more powerful.

Yes, I want a lot.

But don't you? How did you feel during the Obama campaign? Even if you disagreed with his policies, what did you think about his message?

Because at its heart, governance should be simple. It's about preserving life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It's dreamy. And a radical shift - the kind going on in media, business and politics - is what U.S. governance needs.

Now, would you support politicians putting openness, transparency, collaboration and people-focused small-d democracy at the fore of their campaigns? I know I would, and have.

This new world of social media and Government 2.0 is wide open for politicians who want to seize it. And right now, I'm encouraging them to get in early. Blog. Tweet. Feed. Bring the world into the backrooms, the committee meetings, the fundraising and phonebanking realities. Enable the grassroots. Teach traditional activists these tools. Spread them like a pandemic.

Isn't it time?

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