Gov 2.0: Positive Engagement

ttaxchristine2Government communications professionals are scratching their heads about how to cope with looming demise of traditional journalism. Used to be you could just send out a few press releases, the press would pick them up, and your message was out there.

So how should the government communicate now that newspapers aren't covering local news? It's not like the news has stopped because the reporters are gone.

Personally, I've very excited about this coming shift. And I'm watching corporations adapt long before government. It's time to get on board.

When I'm on Twitter and I mention a brand, often they will engage me right there. And brands don't wait for a journalist to write about what they are doing - they go out there and market and tell people about it. It's time for the government to market itself and get back into direct interaction with citizens.

The new media environment will force it.

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