CityCampSF Hackathon Projects

We've got some great challenge sponsors lined up for the CityCampSF Hackathon, including Forests Forever, CitiReport, Granicus and Tropo. We'll be adding more background to each of the challenges, as well as data sources. Please share your thoughts and comments in the threads, and if you want to sponsor a new challenge, add it as a new suggestion. Thank you!

REMOTE PARTICIPATION: There will be opportunity to join teams and projects remotely. If you'd like to participate via Skype and Google Apps, please contact me at adriel (at) Hours for development will be noon PST on Saturday, Dec. 10 through 10 a.m. PST on Sunday, Dec. 11. From 10 a.m. to noon on Sunday we will have presentations, judging and prizes.

Also, whether you will be attending in person or virtually, please RSVP here.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Granicus API Info

For help, ask for Javier Muniz.

For platform API:

Ruby wrapper -


username: hackathon

password: citycampsf2011

Search API:

Documentation (WIP):

More documentation:

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Incorporating Twitter-Based Petitions into NationBuilder

Suggestion / Challenge:

Find Twitter-based petitions and write a script that can automatically incorporate the content logically into NationBuilder with the push of a button (and with the option to edit for any inadvertent conversion errors after the automatic incorporation).  Here is an example of such a petition prominently featured on Twitter (with a Care2 / backbone) currently trending on #OpBART:

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Open AED Finder

Piggybacking on work by Javier Muniz, Firmstep, me, and various staff and volunteers from the City of San Francisco, we'll be working at the CityCampSF Hackathon to finish work on Javier's Ruby on Rails database app for verifying and tracking public AED installations within the City of San Francisco and to develop a mobile app for helping city staff and volunteers verify location data in the field.

Our vision for these projects is to license them openly and share with Civic Commons so that cities and projects like can use them for more advanced AED and emergency response work. 

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Scratch Your Itch - $500

Have a great idea for an open data app or concept project? Invite some friends and bang away on it at the CityCampSF Hackathon for a chance at this open innovation prize.

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$500 - Best use of the Tropo Platform to enhance communication with government and public officials

Tropo is offering a $500 prize to the project that demonstrates the best use of the Tropo platform to enhance communication with government and elected officials. Tropo makes it simple to build Phone (speech or touch-tone), text messaging, instant messaging and Twitter applications - with one simple, unified API. Mashing up Tropo's powerful open communication API with open government data can provide some great opportunities to enhance citizen communication with their government.

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Structured Open Data Campaign Launch

At the CityCampSF Hackathon, we'll be formally launching a campaign to pass a structured open data law for San Francisco and California.

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$500 – Best Legislative Data Search App using the Granicus Search API

Granicus is offering $500 to the best application built using its Search API. This challenge will demonstrate how search can be a compelling way for citizens to follow trends, topics, actions and decisions in the government process. The API gives access to various legislative data sets including videos, public records, history of actions, elected officials, and even transcripts. Let your imagination run wild here! This is an excellent opportunity to accelerate citizen engagement in government.

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$500 – Best Open Meetings App using the Granicus Open Platform API

Granicus is offering $500 to the best application built using it’s Open Platform API. This challenge gives access to access powerful public meeting and legislative data that can be used in innovative ways to make it easier for government employees to productively follow issues and topics being discussed during their public meetings. This data can be a big efficiency and time-saving tool for government.

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$1,000 - Best SF 'open ethics' application

SF has plenty of disclosure laws and data sources promoting transparency in government. Their usability is a whole different story. CitiReport is offering $1,000 for the application that provides the best user experience for assessing the nexus of city contract awards and campaign contributions to SF's elected officials. 

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$1,000 - Best demonstration app to reveal true impacts of clear cutting in the Sierra Nevadas

Logging impact reports in California are paper-based and near-useless for assessing true impacts of clear cutting. Forests Forever is working to require that these forestry reports be published online in a structured format. This challenge will demonstrate how structured data from the state would interact with other data sources to show the true impacts of logging in the Sierras.

Forests Forever is offering a $1,000 prize for the best application in this category.

Additional data sources (added 12/08/11):

KRIS Information System

THP Tracking Center




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