CityCampSF Hackathon Judges

Shannon_Spanhake.jpgShannon Spanhake recently joined the City and County of San Francisco to focus on building an OpenGov program within the Dept. of Technology. She aims to strengthen and enable partnerships between public, private, and people sectors to identify and solve civic challenges. Previously, she held a dual appointment as a Sr. Researcher at the Center for Development Finance and also a Post-doc at the California Institute for Telecom and IT. She has a patent-pending for a citizen-powered wireless sensor networking technology and she has co-founded cultural spaces in Mexico and India that explore the community and urban dynamics.

Jake_Levitas.jpgJake Levitas is a designer, consultant, and community activist based in San Francisco. He currently serves as Research Director at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, a leading Bay Area nonprofit dedicated to fostering creative applications of technology, data visualization, and digital art. He has led and worked on a number of creative technology projects, and managed GAFFTA's four-month Summer of Smart initiative that brought together government and the creative class to build solutions to city issues using open data. His multidisciplinary background includes several years of experience in urban planning, mapping, information design, and sustainability consulting, as well as work in graphic design, audio production, and architecture. @civicinnovation

Sherry_Willhoite.pngSherry Willhoite joined Granicus in November of 2010 and is VP of Product Management
. She brings with her over 12 years of experience in industry leading consumer Internet companies including Yahoo!, Friendster and Spark Networks. Sherry has a track record for building highly trafficked online communities, monetizing businesses through advertising and direct subscription memberships and optimizing user experience for key business metrics. She brings a unique combination of in-the-trenches product management, high-level product strategy and analytical business optimization.

LorenHeadshot.pngLoren L. Hart has more than 35 years of experience as a computer scientist and systems architect.  He received his education in computer science at U.C. Berkeley and has since worked for Schlumberger, Sun Microsystems’ JavaSoft, Nanobiz, Data Ace, and Verisign before joining Theranos in 2006.  He has garnered extensive experience in Unix systems and kernels, having worked on them since 1980, and has also contributed code to Linux. His work on Java-based commerce and security has earned a patent one-time password tokens, and he has designed and implemented mush of the server-side security systems used in Theranos products.

Javier_Muniz.jpgJavier Muniz draws on his broad knowledge of networking and application development to provide direction on product strategy and design for Granicus’ product development team as Chief Technology Officer. Javier, Granicus' co-founder, enjoys leveraging new technologies to solve pervasive business issues for Granicus and its customers. In his role, he’s able to act as a visionary and technical expert to ensure products meet the desired goal for the company and our valued customers. Javier began his career at Sun Microsystems designing and managing remote access components of the Sun global network infrastructure. Later, he went on to WebTV Networks where he designed and developed applications used by the Network Operations Center to manage over 600 nodes that supported over 1 million active WebTV subscribers. @javicmuniz

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