CityCampSF Hackathon - $4,000 in Prizes for Civic Innovation

Whether your expertise is copywriting, marketing, design, research or coding, you're welcome at the first CityCampSF Hackathon, this Saturday and Sunday at 600 Harrison St., Suite 120 in San Francisco. At the 24-hour event we'll be working on projects around government transparency at the state and local level and using application interfaces from Granicus and Tropo. There are $4,000 in sponsored cash prizes.

Check out the list of projects and prizes and RSVP.

If you're already signed up, please invite friends who have expertise to contribute. Events like this are incredibly important for influencing policy. I wrote here about howĀ bad data may be costing California millions in wasted environmental funds.

Last Saturday, civic hackers at Open Data Day Bay Area kicked off some great open data projects, includingĀ, an HTML5 app for finding fee-free credit union AMTs in the Bay Area. Sunday on Gov 2.0 Radio we talked about the event and the impact open data policies have on fighting urban poverty.Ā Listen here.

Let me know if you have any questions about the CityCampSF Hackathon.

RSVP here -Ā

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