An open letter to the Walnut Creek Journal

City Manager Mike Parness won Save Civic Park's vote of confidence for a new Walnut Creek library back in February. Mr. Parness made time to sit down with our members and explain compromise plans for a scaled-back plan that's fiscally reasonable and will enhance Civic Park. ... The current library plan is an improvement by leaps and bounds from earlier iterations - and the City deserves credit for taking input and cutting the cost and unsightly parking structure. The City listened and was responsive to our concerns. ... Of course the library plan will not please everyone - and it will take fiscal sacrifice. A library financing plan that includes limited long-term financing is akin to making a large downpayment for a new home with modest mortgage payments. ... It makes good investment sense. ... Walnut Creek CAN afford a new library, and we support using parking reserves and modest parking fee increases to bring this vision to fruition. ...

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