You'll Like My Peeps, Part 2 (#FridayFollow Edition)

100_00102Second in an occasional series (like when I can't think of anything really original, or am too tired to write something difficult!). Check the tag cloud for "Good Peeps" (or just click) to see previous lists, and please add people you feel would enjoy this community in the comments. Thanks!

I've got a lot of Twitter tips on this site, but also want to point to a brief article on my favorite hashtag Twitter game, #followfriday, from Pete at Mashable. Here it is.

And here's tonight's 10 rockstars, in honor of #followfriday (updated 21/21/09):

Immunity - Andrea Baker is a Web 2.0 communicator extraordinaire, and a leader in Gov 2.0.

@DruidSmith - Dave Smith, GIS expert from Scranton, can it get much better?

@kwells2416 - She's working to stop domestic violence, has a radio show, and is oh so sweet. I love Kim Wells.

@Robert_Banghart - Check out his profile - he's a man of many great interests. He's a great conversationalist, the kind of person that makes Twitter most valuable, in my mind. Like my redneck friend above, Robert was a quick addition to my rockstars.

@barbchamberlain - She's making social media work in a business, non-profit and educational context, and is a former elected herself. (And she bikes to work!)

@CCseed - Richard Reeve, Jungian blogger, pops up in my lists a lot, because he uses social media to an end, not as an end. I always enjoy his deeper looks at life and meaning.

@kriscolvin - Still not sure about the avatar, but really like Kris. She's about personal branding, with more integrity than most. She's been one of my fav peeps for a long time, like months (Twitter time runs in dog years - 7 for 1, I think).

@KristieWells - Local, founder of Social Media Club. Need I say more?

@TheEntertainer - Scott Brandon Hoffman is out to spread the love. He's funny, affirming, and inspires me with his nightly sign-offs.

@AlexisNeely - Law and finance expert, family woman and all around cool gal. Changing the world, one day at a time.

Love you all!

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