You'll Like My Peeps, Part 1 (also, Notes on My Twitter Use)

coolbarackThis is the first of an occasional series where I simply give props to the folks scrolling through my "Rockstars" group on Tweetdeck (h/t to Twitter DJ, viral video producer and all around cool dude @unmarketing for the group name I lifted in his honor).

Also, for folks new to my social media sandbox, I'll mention that I'm happy to follow back anyone who wants to build a relationship on Twitter, but that I do tweet a heck of a lot, and if you don't want to talk to me, I'm not that interested in reading what you have to say. That's just how it is.

That said, these fine folks are probably a lot more social than me. And you don't need to wait for #followfriday to find out (today's top 10 based simply on who's tweeting as I write this).

Erin Kotecki Vest is like the queen of mommy bloggers, and an Obama and gov reform supporter, far as I can tell.

Lucretia M. Pruitt is also a reigning mommy blogger, and geeky.

Ari Herzog is a social media smart guy. Hire him, simply because he's created enough value for free already.

Kim Sherrell is really, really nice. She cares if you're sick, and her tweets are fun. (Guys, be good to Kimmy, or else.)

InsideBayArea is a local San Francisco Bay Area newspaper handle, which I'm pretty sure is run by my friend and former coworker George Kelly.

Shaun Dakin is another Obama supporter, and a very pragmatic guy who's on a vendetta to end political robo calls. He tweets about what #iscool and what #isnotcool. Really good stuff.

Helen Mosher and I may have been separated at birth. But like I said above, she's nicer than me.

Alonis is a roving citizen journalist just down the road from where I lay my head. She keeps Bay Area peeps in the know.

Damien Basile is a social media wild man. You kinda gotta be to hang, right?

Barbara Haven is one of my NorCal Government 2.0 peeps.

And that's it for tonight. Love ya!

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