Yes, Some People Stalk for Pay, Stricly Legal

Do you know what private investigators do? Do you want to find out on Twitter?

(If you found this through a search and it's not what you are looking for, here is a list of anti-stalking resources. PIs are licensed, trained, and usually highly ethical.)

In my professional life, I presently work as a municipal investigator. I'm also a licensed private investigator in California. Interesting to me, really the biggest thing the license does - other than allow us to represent ourselves as PIs - is allow us to take pay for following people. Don't try that without it!

In my job, I mostly do analysis, records searches and interviews. Sometimes I get really interesting cases, sometimes I'm simply buried in paperwork. At the top of my game, I get to investigate things like sex slave trafficking, tiger attacks, slumlords and employee fraud. Private eyes do everything from finding lost relatives to researching executive to obtaining evidence of illicit trysts.

Using Twitter, I'm working to get a number of PIs using the hashtag #pilife, aggregating snapshots of our work and giving you a window into a very interesting profession. At the same time, I hope if you're in need of a PI's services, you'll check out the tag as well (note - I do not presently take private cases, but many of my friends do). Just one of the many ways we can use Twitter to both entertain and enrich each other.

And what do you want to see PIs tweeting about?

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