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With the recent victory on eminent domain, what are the big issues yet to be resolved before any clear-thinking Walnut Creek residents vote "Yes" on the $21 million Measure R at the special election in November? ... Chief among them is the size and design of the parking garage planned to serve a new Civic Park library. ... Walnut Creek has thousands upon thousands of parking spaces in mammoth garages throughout downtown. They permeate the skyline from just about any vantage point you pick. ... It also has the cheapest parking in the Bay Area, which simply encourages more of the congestion that makes it hard for residents to get around town. ... Walking today - on a Saturday afternoon on a popular holiday shopping weekend - I was able to find several hundred open spaces at three garages within walking distance of the park and library - Broadway, South Locust and Broadway Point. I can find no justification for a new multi-level garage in our public park. ...

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