Vote by Mail, No ID Required

Want to avoid voter ID issues at the polls this November? Absentee registration for vote by mail is a great solution in many states where IDs are not required for VBM. States that don't require IDs for VMB include: Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Alaska and Oklahoma. To make registration for vote by mail simple, Debra Cleaver of Long Distance Voter has created a tool for folks to sign up for VBM in 50 states. You can use it on my site by accessing this simple vote-by-mail signup widget.

Keep reading if you'd like to put a widget on your own site.

From Debra:

What's in it for you and your organization/candidate/etc?
People who use the tool on your site (or via your emails) will be tagged with your org name and ID in our database. You'll be able to download all of their data, including email address, home address, gender, DOB, political affiliation, ethnicity and cell phone number. You can chase the heck out of these people to get them to vote, you can add them to your lists, etc.

What's in it for Long Distance Voter?
We love democracy and we love technology and this is our chance to see our beloved technology adopted by awesome groups.

How much does the tool cost?
The tool itself is free and always will be. While we're in beta (i.e. all of 2014), we're also offering full access to the data gathered via the tool at no cost to partners. It's our way of saying "thank you for being an early adopter." This is a great chance to turn that giant email list of yours into a list that includes home address, cell phone, gender, and age.

How do you get started?
Sign up for an account here:Ā
Copy the iframe embed code
Embed the tool on your site by cutting and pasting the embed code wherever you'd like the tool to appear.

Anything else you should know?
The tool doesn't actually fill out the forms for people, because there are over 50 forms and we decided to spend our dollars and engineering resources elsewhere. We've had over 12,000 users via our site in the last month so far and not one has complained about this, so I think we're ok.

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