Two Lists: Why Twitter Numbers Matter, and Don't

img_2886If you're a Twitter user, I'm sure you've got a strong opinion on numbers. If you've blogged on it, please drop a link here. If not, let us know your philosophy on follows.

In a nutshell, here's mine. Number matter, and they don't matter.

As I explain, I believe most will agree.

When numbers don't matter:

1) When you don't have a purpose. Why should people follow you to read about how you're trying to get more people to follow you?

2) When all your people are the same. If you're building a niche, such as tech tweets, there really is a limited number of people that are going to give you the info, and once you reach a saturation point, your feed is going to get mighty dublicative.

3) If you never tweet. Why, oh why, would you follow 2,000 people and not tweet? (Actually, I think I know, and I'm going to start using the "block" feature more often.)

When number matter:

1) When you know what you are doing. Personally, I have a lot of fun on Twitter, but I also have activist agendas. I am openly Christian, openly pragmatically political, and a rabid advocate of culture change in American government. If you know what you want to accomplish, your follower network is important. I also want to help people, and the most needs I know of, the more chance there is I can meet one or two.

2) If you're promoting. Really, all the "numbers matter" will come down to either influence or resource. This one falls in to the influence category, as if you've got a product, and idea, or a Web site to sell, the numbers truly matter.

3) If you need ideas. Crowdsourcing, while not the end-all for good ideas, is important. And if you've got a huge list of peeps, you can crowdsource and edit for the best. This is almost impossible if you don't have many followers.

What would you add to these two lists?

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