8 Tips for Winning Twitter Petitions

From writing letters to newspapers to getting press coverage for a petition drive to creating buzz with new social media tools, media campaigns remain one of the most powerful tools in an activist's toolkit.

In case where you can identify a local congressperson, a key State Department official, an executive or other potential decision-maker who is active on Twitter and who could make a real difference in your cause, Twitter plus an activist tool called Act.ly could make a real difference (I now work for Act.ly's parent company, 3dna, but wrote the first version of this post before joining the company).

Act.ly is a simple Twitter petition tool built by Jim Gilliam. You can read a summary ofĀ how Act.ly worksĀ and highlights of its recent successes here.

So, here's my advice for running a successful Act.ly campaign:

FamiliarizeĀ yourself with the style and language used in Act.ly campaigns that have 50 or more supporters and learn from them;

DefineĀ your campaign in several words, which will be the tweet that drives your petition. Craft a short, pithy summary with more details that people will see if they visit the Act.ly campaign page from the petition link;

IdentifyĀ a clear target for your campaign. Act.ly is fueled by Twitter,so this should be a person or entity that your research has shown is active on Twitter,and also is not so deluged with @ replies that they are going to ignore the Twitter aspect of the campaign. If your sole target is an elected official on Twitter but clearly unresponsive, donā€™t despair ā€“ weā€™ll get them through the next point;

On Twitter, key members of the campaign should follow and list (preferably with a list name that includes a tagline or key goal from the campaign) all local and relevant national print, TV and radio reporters who are active on Twitter and whose coverage of your campaign could help influence a favorable decision by the target;

SuccessfulĀ campaigns need multiple strategic plans, but for this media push, the tactic is bothĀ theĀ Act.ly petition andĀ aboutĀ the Act.ly petition. Because social media activism is still fairly new,and because news reporters are always looking for angles, there is great promise for campaigns that clearly define their goals and target key decision-makers. While one part of this tactic is to get signups for the Twitter petition, another is to be sure that your local press and the decision-maker (not all of them actually monitor their own tweetstream) know about this social media pressure;

WriteĀ letters to newspapers, call in to radio shows, blog, Facebook and otherwise integrate the goals of the Act.ly petition into other media and social network channels, preserving the uniqueness of the tactic;

LeverageĀ the celebrity of prominent Twitter members who sign on to your petition;

EnsureĀ that your campaign has a clear spokesperson or group of speakers who can respond quickly and knowledgeably to media requests. Be sure each spokesperson understands the integrated media tactics; the principle spokesperson should likely be the one who launches the Act.ly petition from their own Twitter account.

Iā€™m sure that you have other ideas, or perhaps you've run a successfully Act.ly campaign and would like to share your experience with others. Please leave your thoughts and links to any posts on this subjects in the comments.

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  • commented 2011-09-19 15:13:42 -0400
    Act.ly is a great application and I have seen people use it with success. I like the layout of your tips which gives me a different perspective on campaigns overall.
  • published this page in Blog 2011-09-18 23:32:21 -0400

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