Twitter Rockstars, Special Edition - Peeps with Blogs

photo_102408_033From time to time, I like to highlight some of my favorite Twitter friends under the "Good Peeps" tag. This edition also pops out blogs by these micro-blogging stars (these lists get a bit duplicative - because I like these folks that much).

Sarah Robinson - How can I not love my fellow 12for12k peeps? Sarah's gone one up on simple support and become a sponsor for the awesome charity project. A business strategist and life coach, Sarah founded the more personable Twitter rec day, Tweeple Tuesday, and blogs at Maverick Mom.

Alonis - OK, so she doesn't quite have a blog, but she is one of the Twitter powerhouses behind No. 1 Twitter news source BreakingNewsOn. Extra points since she lives in the wonderful SF East Bay.

Meznor - My soccer-playing Gov 2.0 Twitter friend Meznor simply rocks. Bio: "i will die and revive many more times before this is all said and done." Blog: The Social Bureaucrat.

Ari Herzog - 80's tunes blipper (see also SherryinAL for blips), social media and business blogger, all 'round hell-raiser, smart-alec smart guy. Helping Gov 2.0 happen, even though he won't always admit there is such a thing.

Chris Brogan - Simply the best social media blogger there is, marketing coach, honest and transparent sharer and teacher. Brogan blogs as, what else, Chris Brogan.

Alexis Martin Neely - Family Wealth Matters isn't a blog, but I greatly admire Alexis both for her excellent grasp of social media and her quest to revolutionize the stilted and obtuse traditional law practice. Update - Alexis also has a blog, and here it is.

Erin Kotecki Vest - Mommy blogger, mega-overtweeter, and most fun of all - wacky progressive and serial hashtag abuser. She blogs, again, where else, at Queen Of Spain.

Arié Moyal - Management consultant, all around fun guy. Learn more here.

Hope you enjoy these folks as much as I do - and feel free to expand on my reasons in the comments. Thanks!

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