The "Special Meeting"

An attendee at this afternoon's special Walnut Creek Council meeting fills us in with this deadline report: "Many people spoke saying the Council doesn't listen to what the people want," our correspondent reports. ... Ed note: Wonder where they got that idea? ... Councilwoman Rainey (far right) was most attentive to resident's concerns, while Councilwoman Regalia (center) blamed through-trips by people from other towns for congestion problems. ... About 20 people spoke, most critical of the Council and proposed General Plan. ... "One woman spoke and said in the Journal 2 weeks ago there were 18 letters from residents, of which 17 were critical of the council over traffic problems and overly aggressive growth." Mayor Gary Skrel (second from left) "responded by saying 'Letters to the Journal don't influence what we do.' " ... Don't feel bad Journal! They don't listen to us either. ... Our man on the scene says Rainey, Charlie Abrams (second from right) and Regalia offered support for capping growth at the same level as the last 12 years - 75,000 square feet per year. ... Thanks, Man on the Scene! ...

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