Public School Registration - A Case for Reform

photo_082908_001Have you had to enroll a kid in public school? If so, you'll feel this post.

I spent two hours today doing paperwork and queing up for it to be reviewed, so my son can go to kindergarten. I understand that this was relatively painless, as school reg goes. Now, the lost productivity here is huge, as around the country, millions of parents take time off work for similar processes.

Forget social media, this is where the Government 2.0 rubber hits the road for the general public. William Eggers' "Government 2.0" is resplendent with examples of - and solutions for - problems like this.

The simplest thing to reform what I saw today would be to put the process online, have one document to fill out that would populate other mandated documents, and to allow submission of proof-of-residence docs electronically.

Of course, in transition this might cost more, as it may not be feasible to do away with the lines and paperwork right away. But, reform is messy. I just don't think we should keep doing it like we do now.

How about you?

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