One of These Companies Gets 2.0, One Doesn't

Nothing better illustrates how out of touch some marketers are than comparing social media campaigns by two big food companies in the past month.

Kraft Foods launched a campaign to provide millions of meals to needy people. Kraft asks that in exchange for six meals, you add its application to your Facebook page. It also asks you to invite friends to add the application. Of course, this is cheap advertising for Kraft, since viral campaigns on Facebook reach many eyes that aren't part of the paid advertising package. According to the Kraft page, it pays 40 cents for six meals and its dollar-for-dollar commitment is $200,000.

Just after I first saw the Kraft app, Burger King started a campaign to promote its own application on Facebook. This one asked Facebookers to cut 10 friends in exchange for a sandwich, and to post a notice bragging about it.

You tell me, which one of these companies getsĀ  Web 2.0?

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