Oh, Canada

Oliver rallied dozens of staff to Casey's Irish Pub last night for a happy hour in honor of Amy heading back to SF and the Oakland office, and Victoria and Peter moving north to Vancouver to open our first international outpost. Said Oliver, "It's great to work at a place where after three weeks you feel comfortable sending an all-staff email." ... The first vegan DTLA downtown dinner party was immensely popular. John Salley brought the wine, Conte helped cook. ... Edward, NationBuilder's first Director, is no longer leading the business team - he's off to Canada, too, and will split time with the Toronto and Vancouver offices. He also is no longer carrying a BlackBerry (iPhone 6). Edward promises he'll give me a picture of his fiancĆ©eĀ to post. (We know Mike's girlfriend is real because she once brought cookies into the office.) ... Trevor (the Toronto one) ended up at NationBuilder because he met Harmony at a conference in July. ...

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