Nickname? Lose it.

photo_091408_007I expect this to be one of the most controversial Government 2.0 posts I've written. And though it's not the most important, I am certainly writing it in all seriousness.

You think that nickname you're famous by on the Web isn't a detirment to Gov 2.0? You've got to be kidding.

I remember covering my first board meeting, back around 1998. It was the Delta College Board of Trustees, and I took one look and decided that if I could just get our school newspaper cartoonist to draw these sleepy, corpulent and wrinkled folks running our school, the students would go nuts. These leaders were about as alien to a fit, hyper 20 year old as airplanes to aboriginal Brazilians.

Now, I'm a bit older and fatter myself, and I know the truth. The people who run things in this country, especially at the lower and broader levels, are just like these trustees.

And that has everything to do with your Web 2.0 nickname. They won't get it, and they'll think less of you (and by extension, all of us) for it.

Now, I'm not saying that anyone can't or shouldn't use a nickname. I just want you to think about what it means. You're choosing to fit in (yes, fit in) with a culture that is not in power, and to show the culture that is that you don't really think much of them, either.

If we're to have a shift in government, you might want to think about that.

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