Sharing with 911

I was a bit blue this week, and running light on ideas for a few writing and speaking gigs. One of the things that was really bothering me was the growing ubiquity of social media consultants and networking for the sake of networking (so I'll write about that soon ;).

Today though, I got out and spoke to the Northern California chapter of the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials - International, Inc., or "NAPCO." One of my immediate concerns was that some of my Gov 2.0 material wasn't as fresh as it could be - I've been really focused on NationBuilder for the past few months and definitely am not as on top of things in the gov space as I had been.Ā 

But speaking for 45 minutes with these public safety communications managers, I quickly regained my stride and was reinvigorated with the clear knowledge that I have something valuable to share. Social media and geolocation apps were largely foreign to these officials, and they really valued the information I had to offer. They also snapped up the 20 copies I brought of Bob Fine's The Social Media Monthly magazine, which I recommend as a handout for any crowd in the social media learning phase.

Getting out of the social media bubble is so important. And something I don't do enough of now that I work from a home office.Ā 

Not only was I able to share with these 911 system experts about the amazing "Fire Department" app from the San Ramon Valley and our partner effort in San Francisco, I've also recently begun to learn about "Share With 911", another amazing geolocation/social media vision from public safety veteran Erik Endress, who I met through NationBuilder.

Definitely take a few minutes to give both of these a peek.Ā 

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