Social Media: Leveraging Opportunity vs. Burning Time

Yesterday I sent out an email that included two clear opportunities to leverage my network of 60 volunteers and more than 20,000 followers, subscribers, supporters and opt-ins. The first was for reaching the [X] Bar Gives community, and the second was an opportunity to guest blog on the Gov 2.0 Radio site.

Of the several hundred folks who recieved that email, two people really leveraged the opportunity.

Gov 2.0 reporter Alex Howard blogged a roundup of his stories of the week, including a promo for a big package he's doing today. I tweeted out that roundup as well as a couple direct links to great stories I'd missed.

Social media consultant Shonali Burke responded by asking my to be Blue Key Champion and to involved the [X] Bar Gives community in ongoing efforts to support the U.N.'s regugee programs and the Blue Key campaign. This is a great opportunity for our group to be involved in an important social media for social good campaign.

I see many, many people spending great amounts of time on social media. What I don't often see is effective leveraging of opportunity. Please, take the example of Alex and Shonali and use opportunity to push your mission.

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  • commented 2011-08-17 14:55:45 -0400
    I wrote this really fast, and I know I have a hard time effectively tracking ROI on social media – seems everybody does.
    But I guess what I’m really getting as is that there are often easy asks and easy gains to be had, but people can be so busy doing social media that they forget their mission. In this case, an email to hundreds of smart people giving a very easy opportunity to share their causes resulted in two people taking advantage.
    On Empire Avenue, a network that has been very valuable to me, I see 90 percent of the in-network emails being just about the game aspects, when they could be used so much for effectively to build relationships and beneficial contacts.
    Or, people want to connect across all kinds of social networks, but it isn’t even clear what “connecting” means to them.
    Mission>tools>metrics>teach, to quote the wise Jeffrey Levy.
  • commented 2011-08-17 14:48:09 -0400
    “I see many, many people spending great amounts of time on social media. What I don’t often see is effective leveraging of opportunity.”

    I’m sure I’m guilty of this. I need to be more disciplined about tracking time put in vs result out.
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