High on a hill, it calls to me

I came to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999 as a junior transfer into Cal Berkeley's Rhetoric program. On Sunday, I'll be driving a U-Haul down I-5 to a new home in Arcadia after months of commuting from Dublin to a downtown LA office. After a dozen years doing journalism and investigations in San Francisco and the East Bay, it's what I've been up to this past year that's leaving the biggest mark on the city I now leave behind.

NationBuilder, a company I joined last May as its third employee, has more customers in San Francisco than any city besides Los Angeles, and I believe the greater Bay Area is the No. 1 market once you count up my friends in Oakland and Berkeley using our community organizing software. So while I'll miss San Francisco and the Bay Area, I'll still be here in a very meaningful way.

Ā San Francisco June 2012 election results - winning DCCC races

Source: SF Dept of Elections, June 5, 2012 unofficial election results



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