Gov 2.0 Meets Journalism 2.0 in K12 News Network's Citizen Engagement Project

Citizen media meets the Gov 2.0 movement:

K12 News Network has put NCLB (the Elementary and Secondary Education Act -- ESEA 2002) online in a searchable and commentable format. For this project, and K12NN's collaboration on a Google-maps based tool that showed the effect of an all-cuts budget on California school districts, K12NN CEO/Founder Cynthia Liu won the 2011 HTC Innovator Award at this year's in San Diego.

“We were thrilled to have HTC as a Platinum sponsor at BlogHer ’11 this year, not only sponsoring our flagship Voices of the Year initiative, but introducing this new Innovator Award from our stage,” said Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer, Inc. “We were looking for creativity and originality amongst the dozens of submissions, and we were so pleased to highlight one of the longtime members of our community with the Award.”

Receiving the award in front of the nation's 4,000 most web-savvy women was key because it's time for stakeholders to articulate what changes to NCLB should be made instead of simply letting the law's revision "happen" to parents of school-aged kids, said Liu. Early adopters at Cool Mom Tech and BlogHer will be the ones to make their voices heard first.

Liu will appear on Gov 2.0 radio sometime in September to discuss the details with Adriel Hampton and Allison Hornery and announce experts and partners.

K12 News Network was launched in January, 2011 and in addition to receiving the HTC Innovator Award, is also a Circle of Moms Top 25 Political Blog.

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  • commented 2011-08-23 11:11:30 -0400
    Glad to hear about your excitement! If you go to the page, you’ll see in the sidebar a way to sign up to get more information. Scan the QR code or click the link to sign up — you’ll be updated when we have final details.

    I agree, Matt Damon’s video was wonderful and we need to bring together all the people who feel the way he does and give ourselves a voice.

  • commented 2011-08-23 01:55:36 -0400
    Amazing work! Happy to find this information and resource before a new school year. The Matt Damon video was priceless to argue something I have stated several times in the last few months and really for a while now. Wishing the best of things to come for K12NN.
  • published this page in Gov 2.0 Radio 2011-08-19 17:00:00 -0400

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