If You Link Your Statuses, Will Your Friends Still Love You?

Unless you're a social media superstar, it's a bit hard to get feedback on Twitter questions. However, I got just a bit of response to a statement this morning asking people to not link their Twitter activity to their Facebook status. Kim Patrick Kobza of Neighborhood America agreed, but a few people were confused. Yesterday,  one Twitter friend took the suggestion but then reversed when several of her Facebook friends bemoaned the loss of her frequent updates there.

What do you think? Is it a good social media practice to link your activity on these two platforms?

As anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I am a high-volume user. Nice thing is, there are plenty of people who use Twitter as frequently as I do, and for anyone following more than a 100 people, even my pace usually isn't enough to flood their updates screen. But Facebook is a totally different animal. Before I really got going on Twitter, I updated my Facebook all the time. I got lots of comments, even a "you're your own reality show." But is that what Facebook is for? (And I don't think that was quite a complement.) As I listened, I learned that real friends were downgrading me in their news feed.

Because on Facebook, almost nobody updates like a high-volume Twitter user. That is, unless you are linking your statuses.

If you are, you may be besieging your Facebook friends with goobledygook like "RT @jobloe virtual assistants do the work so you can do the play http://www.crazymarketing.wordpress.com" (OK, I made that up, because the real stuff is almost as bad and I didn't want to single out any of my contacts.) Most of your Facebook friends don't get it, and they don't want it. And if they are on Twitter, they are already getting it and don't want to get it twice.

And, a technical issue: while some programs only show the latest update in a Facebook feed, some show all of them, so while you are Twittering away you are literally flooding out all your friends' other friends.

I linked my statuses for a while. Politely, my friend Ari Herzog pointed out that maybe I wasn't doing what my Facebook friends wanted. And like my above-mentioned Twitter friend, I tried a little experiment. I asked my Facebook friends to follow me on Twitter if they wanted more than a few updates a day. One did.

How many of your friends would follow you from Facebook to Twitter?

Last words: Any way you answer that question, you shouldn't be linking your statuses. Tell me why I'm wrong (or agree with me) in the comments.

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