How to Help, Part Duex

Things are heating up in the campaign to stop the Council's poorly conceived library bond, and folks from other causes are getting on board as well. One supporter followed me home yesterday to talk about problems with the new General Plan, and we're reaching out to Walnut Creek Dog as well. ... I ask, why is it that the City can rent out one of out best playing fields (in Civic Park) for staging a pipeline project for years, but won't provide adequate facilities for residents with dogs and horses? ... Besides spreading the word about (passing out flyers at meetings, putting them on your car, or - as in the case of Elizabeth Heidt - blowing them up as yard signs), one way to set the council straight is to show up at 7 p.m. each Tuesday for public comment at the beginning of their meetings. Tell them, "For love of Walnut Creek ... SAVE CIVIC PARK!" Thanks! ...

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