How Can Gov 2.0 Promote Local Economic Development?

img_0005Seems that one of the perfect uses of social media and Web 2.0-style collaboration in local government is in economic development.

I've very interested in your thoughts, from regulatory issues to customer growth, how can Government 2.0 help small and emerging businesses do better?

Locally, I'm working with social media friends to put on a free training about citizen democracy and using social tools to build community and trust. I'm also interested in mapping out free wi-fi in my community and promoting businesses that offer it.

I'm interested in how government economic development offices can help create collaborative resources similar to "Love Tacoma" and "Third Places" to attract and retain local businesspeople. Love Tacoma is a Tacoma, WA, project to create social networks for young people and promote local activities; Third Places is a project of Charlotte, NC, that provides information on informal business spaces such as independent coffee shops with wi-fi where freelancers can gather.

What do you think? And if you're familiar with the projects I cite above, how have they worked out?

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