Government 2.0: Tweeting the Talk, Walking the Walk

Out of the many uses for Twitter, the one I find most valuable is creating communities of interest. My favorite such community on Twitter is Government 2.0 folks, from private industry to Congress members to gov groupies. You can find lists of government folks who use Twitter, but the folks I'm listing here are the cream of the crop - they add value. Fun, too. If you've got some I've missed, please add in the comments.

@Jack_Holt @sradick @policymonk @ZachTumin @marlinex @lewisshepherd @johnculberson @dslunceford @planetrussell @dfletcher @corbett3000 @CaraKeithley @cheeky_geeky @johnhale @dbevarly @helenmosher @moehlert @cdorobek @bashley @levyj413 @you2gov @david_tallan @meghan1018 @caseycoleman @pbroviak @immunity @citymark @bgreeves @krazykriz @govloop

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