Gov 2.0 Quick Hits

0001The official San Francisco City Attorney's Office Twitter account has surpassed 1,000 followers and is the in the 97th percentile of influential accounts. ... Sid Burgess, veteran and former councilman is launching Cities of Vision, a collaborative blog focused on planning and development. ... Roanoke County has published a new social media policy, welcoming other agencies to borrow/copy its good work. ... Upcoming on Sunday's edition of Gov 2.0 Radio, Andrew Wilson of the Health and Human Services Department social media team and civil servant Dan Deakin, who tweets as MedC2. We'll be discussing social media for emergency response and preparedness (salmonella and swine flu being recent examples) and the potentials of Web 2.0 crowdsourcing for research. Join us for what's sure to be a wide-ranging and lively discussion.

Adriel Hampton is a journalist, Gov 2.0 and new media strategist, public servant, and licensed private investigator. He is running for U.S. Congress in the 2009 special election for California's 10th District.

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