Gov 2.0 is a Leveler, or It is Nothing

santa-cruzIf Government 2.0 is not a sharing process, it is nothing. If it keeps us linked to class, to knowledge hoarding silos, and pits intellectuals against the little people, it is worse than nothing.

Do you think there are expert gatekeepers, or are we in this together?

The American people are out there asking for a responsive and responsible government. (Some of them don't call it that - they call it, "Government staying out of my way.")

I believe we can have a more responsive and responsible government. I believe that innovative and good-willed people inside and outside government can work and are working to make a better governance structure.

I believe the crashing-the-gates mentality of Web 2.0 and grassroots political culture will help bring about positive change. But I will not insist on titles.

I am not a Government 2.0 expert. I would posit there are none. In fact, a smart and committed intern could probably run a better social outreach program than a highly paid consultant (especially since most gov entities cannot afford that consultant).

In this case, these ideas are so new, a "consultant" really is the guy from another town. We are learning and growing together, or we are not growing at all.

I'm here to help. How about you?

(Photo by Franco Folini)

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