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MAY 2009 UPDATE - Why I continue to hate Facebook. They've switched this all around and I can no longer find the RSS. Sorry, folks!

Are you on Facebook and Twitter? Finding that being active on both takes a bit of work and sometimes ends in writing the same things on both networks? There is a better way, and it's not using the Twitter app in Facebook to pull your tweets into your status bar.

I recently wrote why I think it's a very bad idea to send Twitter updates to Facebook. For one thing, Twitter updates are multilingual - with their own funky vernacular and symbols, and lots of links, while Facebook statuses are generally informal and personal. But the nice thing is, Facebook statuses fit right into the Twitter stream. And you'll do fine sending your Facebook status updates there. I’m doing it now, using TwitterFeed and this helpful guide. As an extra note, uncheck the "Include item link" box at TwitterFeed.
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