Does Identity = Integrity?

img_3050I've written a bit here about what I believe to be one of the major cultural challenges of mainstreaming Web 2.0 culture. That would be the use of anonymous comments and nicknames. The discussions on both issues have been great, and have helped convince me that my position on this definitely shouldn't be all or nothing.

This brings me to a conversation today that (conveniently!) supports my viewpoint that taking real-name ownership of one's online identity is still the best general policy. See, the same way that anonymity can go way too far, so can transparency, or what some are calling "little brother."

Do you want folks snapping pictures of you, tweeting about you, telling you what is and isn't private? I don't, so I pretty much tell you what you are going to get. And I put my name and face behind it. If I'm going to publicly criticize an idea or a person, I'm going to put my name on it.

The way I see it, taking personal responsibility means I'm going to moderate my behavior to the Golden Rule to some extent.

(And definitely I like how people are taking longstanding online nicknames on Twitter and adding real name accountability in their Twitter profiles.)

What do you think?

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