August in Adriel Nation

It's been a busy summer in Adriel Nation and I wanted to share a few things that may be of interest.Ā 

First, the activity and response to organizing all my social tech projects here has been amazing - Adriel Nation now includes more than 23,000 people, including nearly 18,000 supporters.

Here's what we're working on:

  • A number of friends fromĀ Empire AvenueĀ (the social media stock market site thatclosed its Series A funding round today) are interested in leveraging our collective networks to promore charities and special events. If you've got a charity that could use promotion by some of the world's most active social media users, check outĀ [X] Bar Gives. We're also seeking sponsorships for this effort, which would go towards a part-time community manager to really get things going strong.

  • My new political club, theĀ SF Tech Dems, is looking to put its mark on politics in the Bay Area and state of California by advocating smart technology spending and policy and getting more technologists involved in the Democratic Party. If you're interested, please check it out andĀ leave your feedback.

  • Third Thursdays SF, a monthly mixer for folks interested in gov social media, technology's impact on civic life, and in developing with open data is going strong. Please join us or feel free toĀ promote your own civic tech events on the Adriel Nation calendar. I freely share events andĀ guest blogsĀ with my social media networks.

  • My company,Ā NationBuilder, led byĀ Jim GilliamĀ - creator ofĀ Act.lyĀ andĀ GovLuvĀ - continues to grow. If you're looking for anĀ online organizing solutionĀ for your nonprofit, small business or political campaign (includingĀ free access to the voter file), check out ourĀ free trial. And please let your friends know about this low-cost organizing resource.

  • I'm an advisor for LegiNation, a cool gov data startup that is soon launching a 50-state legislative information service. If you've got a professional need for state-level legislative alerts, get in on the BillTrack50 beta by emailing Karen Suhaka,

  • I'm now a regular columnist forĀ The Social Media Monthly, the world's first print magazing devoted to exploring the impacts of social media. It's available in your local Barnes & Noble, and in the next edition I address theĀ "real names" controvery at Google+.

  • Finally, Gov 2.0 Radio continues to grow, and CivicTec's Allison Hornery out of Sydney has been a great resource as our new regular co-host. We recently talked to webmaster Kristy Filfelski (pictured) and Chicago CTO John Tolva, and later this month we'll be live with Maryland CIO Brian Sivak and World Bank Open Data Evangelist Tariq Khokhar. Gov 2.0 Radio is also seeking sponsorhips; if you're interested, just drop me a line. VisitĀ G2R's home on Adriel NationĀ to listen to archive episodes and subscribe by RSS.

With the NationBuilder platform, I've opened up the Empire Avenue [X] Bar community calendar, my Third Thursdays civic tech event calendar and both my personal blog and the Gov 2.0 Radio blog for guest posting by any logged in user. Please, please, take advantage of this global organization to get the world out about important ideas and events.

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