#Gov20 Resources for 2010 - Please Add!

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2009 was inarguably a great year for the Gov 2.0 movement. I'll trust folks like Andrea DiMaio, Steve Radick, Gwynne Kostin, Tim O'Reilly and Mark Drapeau to make that point better than I can.

But what I did want to offer in terms of sort of a year-end wrap are a number of links to resources that I found helpful during the year. This is pretty much the list of links I e-mail to officials looking to get started in social media, from policy to practice. I hope you find it useful, and that you'll add more resources in the comments.

  • Govloop.com - known as the "Facebook for Government," where fed, local and state employees and contractors actively discuss best-practices and share ideas

  • The Federal Web Managers Social Media Subcouncil has an active wiki with policies and best practices.

  • A collection of blog posts I've done on gov and social media.

  • State of Utah is one of the governments doing it best and has issued clean and simple social media guidelines (pdf).

  • Roanoke County issued a sound social media policy (pdf download from Google Docs)

  • Many of the best social media policies come from the corporate tech world, and, like this one from IBM, include "Don't Forget Your Day Job."

  • Intel has a good closing line about moderation - "The Good, the Bad, But Not the Ugly."

  • The Air Force Social Media Guide (pdf) is very impressive, and Page 8 has a good outline of policies. The AF simply takes the approach that since most airmen are engaged in social media, they need to accept that and train, counsel and guide.

  • Social media presents a significant issue for many jurisdictions with stringent IT policies. The DOE addresses that (pdf) with a "limited use" policy for the Web. 

  • I was impressed by Delaware's social media policy (pdf).

  • The Muni Gov 2.0 group continues to generate great content, like this guide to government in Second Life.

  • I also enjoyed the Twitter guide put together by Dave Briggs of Learning Pool.

  • Please add your favorite resources. First is from Jenn Gustetic, who points out a developing wiki on the Open Government Directive.

    ~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant and host of the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast . Follow him on Twitter @adrielhampton .

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